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ADABI is gearing up for October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month Activities.




ADABI provides advocacy, prevention, intervention, direct care services and a safe home network program for victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.
ADABI serves victim’s of intimate partner violence within the Chinle Agency and surrounding areas of the Navajo Nation.
Our services are culturally sensitive, respectful, free of discrimination against race, religion, culture and sexual orientation.


Who you see at ADABI, what you say at ADABI, what you hear here at ADABI, STAYS here at ADABI when you leave.


ADABI is one of a few domestic violence shelters for women, children & men on the Navajo Nation, which is located in northern Arizona, western New Mexico, and southwestern Utah. ADABI is a non-profit organization & needs donations to continue its work. Please contact ADABI to ask how to DONATE by calling (928) 674-8314.

Thank You!